CHARACTER SPOTLIGHT: Ariel Nino, the Sidekick

Palasiel Quest has a plethora of characters outside of the 5 main ones featured on the main page. Every few days I will do "Character Spotlights" that will go over a bit more about each character and what they bring to the table when it comes to either the story or the battles. And without further ado, we’re going to continue things with Ariel Nino!

Ariel is another one of the five people spirited away from Earth to the world of Palasiel! Except, you'll soon find out she's been there for 2 whole months already! She'd been waiting for the "protagonist's" arrival this entire time all the while making a backstory for herself.

Ariel is an upbeat and somewhat assertive young woman. She's a big RPG-nerd and it didn't take her long to adapt to the way things worked in Palasiel. She an excellent swimmer and has a huge affinity for water. You'll meet Ariel about an hour into the game and she'll kick-start the plot of Palasiel Quest, as well as the first arc of the story (and pilot of the game).

During her time in Palasiel Rogues, she had gotten herself involved with the internal affairs of a nearby kingdom called Parisa. She enlisted with a small resistance group called the Palasiel Rogues to help liberate the kingdom.

The concept of Ariel's character was inspired by Spinel from Crimson Gem Saga. Ariel's class is dubbed a "Thiefmage". She is a hybrid-class of a White Mage and a Thief. This makes her role a little bit interesting when it comes to battles because all of her artes are split into two skillsets. Since artes are purchased by the player using Arte Points, one can build Ariel as a really potent healer/support early on, opt for a DPS debuffer build, or a nice balance of the two. Ariel's affinity with water plays a role in battle and she has a unique passive that allows her to absorb water damage.

Despite her moderately high magic stat, Ariel only has one offensive spell in her White Magic repertoire which is Lum, a light elemental attack. This will be her bread-and-butter during the early game due to Ariel's subpar strength stat. Ariel is also able to learn the skills of other characters and use their stat modifiers! For example, the damage for Ariel's version of Perky Step will use Daran's strength stat instead of her own, making it more powerful if Daran's strength is already buffed!

Ariel can also use Steal to not only steal items from enemies, but also to disrupt or disable an enemy's attacks/abilities. Perhaps some pesky enemies are using potions to heal themselves. Have Ariel steal their stash of potions to stop them from using them! Ariel also has an arte called Assassinate where the damage multiplier is based on how many status ailments the enemy has. Ariel herself is able to inflict poison with Toxic Edge and inflict blind and silence with Still of Night.

And that's all on Ariel! Feel free to ask me any questions about the character in the comments! :) 

Next I’ll be going over Keon Cetin, the third character in the game!

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