CHARACTER SPOTLIGHT: Daran Logan, the Protagonist

Palasiel Quest has a plethora of characters outside of the 5 main ones featured on the main page. Every few days I will do "Character Spotlights" that will go over a bit more about each character and what they bring to the table when it comes to either the story or the battles. And without further ado, we’re going to start things off with the character dubbed the "main protagonist", Daran Logan!

So you play the majority of the game through the eyes of Daran Logan, an average young man who was spirited away from Earth to the world of Palasiel. His preferred type of RPGs are action-RPGs, and has never been all that keen on the turn-based stuff.

Since you play the story through Daran, it will be perceived that Daran and the other 4 who were also spirited away to Palasiel will have all arrived at the same time. However, you’ll soon find out that is not the case and that Daran is actually the last one to arrive. Though Daran is one to go with the flow most of the time, and probably thinks that getting home will be easy. However he soon learns that it won’t be easy at all and gets himself involved in something so much bigger than "finding a way home".

Daran is given the Warrior class. He can equip swords and shields. He can also forgo the shields and equip 2-handed swords. If he has a shield equipped, he plays more of a Tank role in battle, and will learn many different artes that can provide protection for himself and/or the party, making him very effective in prolonged fights.

Such examples are Sentinel, which has Daran nullify all damage for a single turn. Another is Healguard, which reduces damage taken for one turn, and heals the rest of the party upon being hit.

In the offence department, Daran is able to use elemental-charged mana strikes with his sword, able to deal Fire, Ice, Water and Lightning damage and becomes one of the only characters able to exploit enemy weaknesses early game. He’s also able to learn debilitating moves such as Power Break and Armor Break.

And that’s all on Daran! Feel free to ask any questions about the character in the comments! :)

Next I’ll be going over Ariel Nino, the second character in the game

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