Improving Daran's kit

So Daran is meant to be a sort of tank-warrior hybrid, but I realise his kit as it is now is very attack-oriented, and the only defense skill he has at the moment is "Sentinel" which nullifies all damage for a single turn. So I've been trying out some new ideas.

Guard Points

This is will be a hidden counter that will increase by one point each time Daran successfully blocks an attack using Guard or any of his other special defensive artes. These points will act as modifiers for special effects in Daran's guarding repertoire. The maximum amount of Guard Points that can be held is 10, and they are refreshed every battle.


This skill will work similar to "Sentinel" in that it will heavily reduce damage for 1 turn, but it will heal the rest of the party on impact. The amount healed is based on how many Guard Points Daran has in the battle, with each point restoring 10% of maximum HP, with the potential for Daran to proc a full party heal if he's done enough guarding. This ability will reward diligent tanking in prolonged fights. The guard counter refreshes afterwards.


This is an offensive attack that uses the Guard Point system in calculating damage. It works similar to "Sentinel" in that it will nullify damage for a turn. However upon being attacked, he will also counter with an attack that will do 30% more damage for every Guard Point obtained, for a maximum of 300%. This can be incredibly useful if players have Daran use Taunt to get the attention of multiple enemies and then combo with this skill. The Guard Points counter refreshes afterwards.

That's just a few of the ideas I have at the moment for improving Daran's kit!

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